Sunday, December 29, 2019

CASE STUDY The Fork And Dagger Pub Essay examples

Founded in Straun, Ontario by Richard Lynch, the Fork and Dagger Pub was a growing business and showed much success after opening in 1993. By using word of mouth advertising with the high traffic taken in from playing the Norway Olympics in the pub, the Fork and Dagger Pub found itself with a lot of sports enthusiasts as regular customers as well as students from local schools. But since 2008, the Fork and Dagger Pub has declined in revenue and local patrons have seemed to vanish. With new competitors in the area, and net income decreasing over $100,000 in four years- Richard has decided to let his two sons, Jason Bradley, both working at the establishment for over 10 years, to create business proposals to help their revenue grow†¦show more content†¦Only business essential expenses were kept the same. So it would appear that external factors are to blame for the Pub’s revenue decline, for the only internal factor to compromise the pub’s business is the lack of change and innovation to the bar atmosphere and scenic value. Overall the Fork and Dagger Pub has been identified as unfocused market strategy, and in need of a desperate change, for it cannot keep up with new and growing businesses in the local area. The Fork and Dagger Pub has currently two business proposals to help improve and regain revenue for the establishment. Richard’s two sons, Jason Bradley, both has prepared general ideas of where they can take the business’s target market. Jason’s business proposal involves changing the restaurant’s old and outdated dà ©cor and working on promoting the business to compete with others bars. His plan outlines purchasing pool tables ($5000 each), karaoke machine ($1500), DJ nights ($75 - $125 an hour), as well as overall renovating the interior (base at $6000) and changing for new tables and chairs at $2000 a piece. He also hasn’t really focused on the promotion side, but has ideas for Ladies Night, Happy Hour as well as utilizing social media campaigns to give out coupons for drinks or food. Bradley’s business proposal requires rather a change of target market. Bradley and his partner are apart of the LGBT community, (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual Transsexual) and

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